Limber Up

Getting my digits “limber” for a winter season of making embroidery, I’ll usually start with stitching in cursive script before tackling more challenging landscapes. And if there ever was a sure-fire way to cement a friendship, it is a shared meal, breaking bread together.      

Community Garden

  My community garden plot is nestled in the west end of the city. This is a space I use to test ornamental plant hardiness. Gardens surrounding my small plot boast a mind-bending assortment of food, cucumbers, corn, herbs, garlic and of course, tomatoes. The size of the garden plots vary but in general, they are … More Community Garden

Hey Yew! You!

  She saw yew and gasped out loud*. Yew are really not much of a showstopper. Yew go unnoticed and fade into the backdrop. Yew are a dark green shrub and work in silence. Yew make the bones of the exterior space. Yew are the foundation, a foil to contain the seasonal sparklers. Your low-key profile and upright stature … More Hey Yew! You!

the dark side beckons

The datura when in bloom, is remarkable as a trumpet flower and it possesses an incredible night fragrance.  The seeds have been used for shamanistic rituals from ancient times to today as a path to…yes…Enlightenment!  But be forewarned.  It does indeed offer hallucinogenic effects as well as dark visions, disorientation, amnesia, blurred vision, dry mouth, and incontinence…not … More the dark side beckons

more country

Another pastoral scene from Heart Lake Road that compelled me to slow down and make a digital record of the distinctive silhouette of a silo off in the distance, a farm and a vintage barbed wire fence sequestering wild grasses.