the dark side beckons

The datura when in bloom, is remarkable as a trumpet flower and it possesses an incredible night fragrance.  The seeds have been used for shamanistic rituals from ancient times to today as a path to…yes…Enlightenment!  But be forewarned.  It does indeed offer hallucinogenic effects as well as dark visions, disorientation, amnesia, blurred vision, dry mouth, and incontinence…not … More the dark side beckons

more country

Another pastoral scene from Heart Lake Road that compelled me to slow down and make a digital record of the distinctive silhouette of a silo off in the distance, a farm and a vintage barbed wire fence sequestering wild grasses.        

Heart Lake Road

Country roads with a BIG SKY and BIG SWATHS of GREEN-yes! Just what this city girl needs. Look closely and the horizon reveals that “new development” is just around the bend.    

Great Heights

Love the high intensity colour from the spikey blue prickly globes!  A penthouse roof garden that welcomes all the birds and the bees.    

Mixed Greens

The rain makes The Garden sing – everything is glistening! A sumptuous shady location comes alive with lime green, mid-green, copper-orange, glossy and wet, ribbed green, ivory margins…