Great Heights

Roof Garden

Love the high intensity colour from the spikey blue prickly globes!  A penthouse roof garden that welcomes all the birds and the bees.



2 thoughts on “Great Heights

  1. How divine! I think I want some in my garden next year. The intensity of the colour is CRAZY! We are on the island. It is cooler this year but as beautiful as ever. The Massey have built a table in the middle of the forest, near their tool shed for us to work on. It is magical to work under the old growth. Finnegan is swimming for her ball that she lets slid from the boulders herself. Jorge is making sculptures and painting. I am still experimenting with dye stuff but have started an organdie book. Swam today, not many seals here. The otter is o. It’s own, I wonder where the other two are. Just saw an eagle fly overhead. Nick is here and very happy. So many eunimus sp? Growing wild! I love it here. Lots of love, E

    Elena Soní



    1. Hi Elena, I am telling you, this roof garden is fkn amazing! Not your usual sedum only roof garden.

      Hope you are having an amazing magical time. I would love to see your dye stuff experiments…It is finally summer in Toronto. We have had several days of hot stinky and humid days with SUN but I prefer the shade. Mom is in town, Chinese dinner tonight. Kathleen thinks she gave me an “honest” answer with respect to her mean-spirited text…and that is the story she told my Mom. I feel bad that my mother is stuck in the middle but until she makes peace with her own sister…xo e


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